Overcome Emotional Eating / Stop with Yo-Yo Dieting / Lose unwanted Belly Fat

If this is you, then this book and course is for you:

  • Women who has been struggling to lose weight for many years
  • Women who struggles with emotional or stress eating
  • Women who has tried many types of diets, lost the weight and gained it all again
  • Women who has no time to waste in the kitchen, busy women and mothers with children
  • Women who are insulin resistant or borderline diabetic
  • Women who has metabolic syndrome *at risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes* (conditions include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglycerides levels)
  • Women who are ready to change their lifestyles for good and to never gain the weight ever again.

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The course is once off R1865 and includes the book.

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Optional Consultations

Further to the course and the book, I also offer personalized consultations and 6-month membership programs should you feel the need for a more specialized and personal approach to your weight loss. You can click on Consultation Packages under the menu dropdown for more information and to book a consultation with me.

I help woman to lose unwanted belly fat, overcome emotional eating and stop with yo-yo dieting through my 12-Week Body & Mind Transformation Book and Online Course Book Club

How does the Book and Online Course Book Club work?

You need to first enroll for the online course, after this, I will send you a hard copy of the Book or send you a link to the e-Publication. Once you have enrolled you can immediately start with your course. Week by week we are going to read through the “Your 12-Week Body & Mind Transformation” book together. During the 12-Weeks I’m going to coach, teach, educate and share with you everything you need to help you lose your unwanted belly fat, overcome your emotional eating, and permanently stop with your yo-yo dieting. See this course as a personal journey we are doing together, to truly help you to change your heart, your head, and your health for good! On the course are all the downloads for the meal plans, shopping lists, etc. as per the book. I have also included the weekly exercise videos for your convenience. With this book and this course, you can’t go wrong. And if you get stuck, you can always do an online consultation or face 2 face consultation with me for ladies down in Cape Town. I’m available on WhatsApp and Email for my special clients.

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