Meet Bernadine Douglas

The person behind slender slim 4 u and the 12-Week body & mind transformation program

Bernadine Douglas is a nutritional therapist, gym junkie and health foodie who has co-authored two books on weight loss. The Banting Solution (2016), written with Bridgette Allan, and The Banting Pocket Guide (2017), co-authored with Bridgette and Professor Tim Noakes. Bernadine is the owner and founder of Slender Slim 4 U, the first Banting-Keto-Low carb weight-loss clinic in South Africa. She has helped clients personally for more than seven years to lose weight and regain their health, and online through her 12-week programme. She also offers consultations to the corporate sector. Bernadine is a mother of two and based in Cape Town.

If there is one thing no one can ever take away from me, it will be my passion for the health and fitness industry. Since I was a little girl I always dreamt of being super toned, fit and slim. I always appreciated when a person puts in the effort to take good care of their physical bodies. What truly makes me happy and proud in my profession is when I see my ladies dropping the weight. These transformations is what makes my work worth while. I wish you can see the look on each woman’s face when she has lost weight. The excitement, the pure joy, the determination. This is one of the reasons I get up everyday to work. 


I’m a results driven person and I’m focused on making my targets. I like to use a realistic and practical approach when I work with my clients, because at the end of the day I want my clients to reach their goal weight and all of their health targets. In fact one of my standard rules when a client signs up with me is that they are not allowed to end their membership contract before they have reached their goal weight. I’m very strict with this. And the best part is, you know that when you join my program, I will take you through to your goal weight. You will be healthy, you will look stunning and you will feel great! And you will never ever go back to that person you were when you first join me. As long as you stick to my guidelines, tips and my most successful results proven meal plans, there is no way you can go wrong on this program!

You must remember just one thing, I will help you to lose weight the healthy and realistic way, there is no turning back when you start this journey with me. So if you are ready to really make that permanent lifestyle change and sort out your head and heart, then you need to make contact with me. 🙂

I was privileged to join Hannes van Wyk on Kwêla for a book interview in 2016.

I will help you to transform your body and your mind.

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