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Slender Slim 4 U is a new generation slimming clinics that are specialists in the field of Low Carb and healthy High fats. Owner and founder of the Slender Slim 4 U brand Bernadine Douglas and Bridgette Allan, owner of the Slender Slim 4 U Balito branch, are both phenomenal writers in the field of Low Carb. They released the top seller The Banting Solution in February 2016 and their second book which they co-authored with Prof Tim Noakes The Banting Pocket Guide was released early in February 2017. Both ladies understand the issues of daily life when it comes to weight loss and general health and both ladies had their fair share of health issues and weight problems. Both women bring a fresh breath of air to the Slender Slim 4 U brand and the main focus of the group is to offer a member/client that personal assistance. Not only does Slender Slim 4 U focus on correcting eating habits, but we also go beyond the extra mile to support, coach and assist our clients. You soon realize that we are in it for the long run, to make 100% sure you reach your goal weight with us, reach your desired health markers and take you over to your maintenance. This is after all not a quick fix diet, but a lifestyle change! Our fees are market related if not below current market prices, but what our client gets is way more than what they pay for.

We are consistently up to date with the most latest research and studies in nutrition and our field of expertise that includes LCHF and Banting. With too many different websites, social media groups and pages out on the internet, no wonder people can easily get information overload and get extremely overwhelmed with all the advice and info. This is why Slender Slim 4 U brings you the old traditional form of a slimming clinic mixed together with the most up to date nutritional research. It’s almost like blending the old with the new. Old way of weigh in and support with up to date nutritional advice. We are also against diet pills, shakes and injections and strongly believe that permanent weight loss can only be achieved by correct eating. A healthy diet starts with food not pills and quick fix fad diets.

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We bring you more than 4 years of hands on experience on the Ketogenic diet and low carb living. We have been doing this since the beginning of 2012.

When we do a consultation, it’s all about the individual and not a general rule of thumb. We take your medical history into account along with your weight loss targets and goals.

We do a personalized ratios calculation for you based on many different criteria such as height, age, current body fat percentage, gender, medical history and current medical conditions (Metabolic diseases and hormones for example), level of activity and other information the client supplies us.

We do personalized meal plans which mean we spend at least half a day to compile and work out a personal meal plan just for you! No other person will have the same meal plan as yours, this means the ratios on your meal plan is worked out according to your calculated ratios and the bonus is the food on the meal plan is what you like to eat. Not one day will be the same, we love variety!

We have the greatest passion for our work and care and compassion is the most important thing for us when it comes to our clients. All our clients we meet weekly are like family and family is thicker than fat.

Most of the social media support groups on Banting only started in the mid 2014’s, which means we have a two year lead time already with knowing the pitfalls and common mistakes one can make following a LCHF lifestyle.

Online providers don’t take your medical background into account. Most other slimming clinics use a standard approach with most of their clients.

Most online ratio calculators and ratio providers works on standard calorie formulas. In other words all 46 year old women, 1.65m and sedentary will all get the exact same ratios. Not with us, it’s more than just a set of ratios and we don’t work on calories but on the actual gram to gram value of net fat, net protein and net carbs.


Meal plans available on the internet are generic meal plans and they are either free or charged for. This means they are not worked out to your unique ratios or food preferences. And even if the plan worked for your BFF it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you, because you are unique and special and your needs are different compared to your BFF.

Online support might be convenient, but honestly how often can you really say what you feel without risking being attacked or criticized? And can a computer and virtual friend weigh you weekly?

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