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What is Banting


What is Banting NOT!

Banting is High in ‘Macronutrient’ Fats – The ratio of your total macro intake per day will bring fat at the top, this will differ from person to person.

It’s NOT “let’s break the fat bank” high in fat or “Let’s bath in butter!”

It’s about clean, real food, home cooked meals. Bottom line, protein (meat), veggies, salads, occasional fruits, dairy, nuts and seed & healthy fats.

No places for junk, processed, convenient and quick take away foods. No commercialized CRAP.

It’s how your gran/ouma used to cook. Everyday a fresh plate of food, high in nutrients fresh from mother earth.

It’s not how the shop around the corner cooks, or the big supermarket at the deli section or that “BIG Macstake” place with its drive through.

It’s a medium protein diet, which means you need to make sure you eat protein in the form of meat and dairy like cheese with every meal. Protein is the most satisfying macronutrient and helps with weight loss.

It’s NOT high protein. If you want to do high protein, you need to eat more than 175g net protein per day. This is equivalent to about 700-800g of cooked chicken without the bones. That is nearly 1KG!! Are you eating so much protein?

It’s a lifestyle change; it’s the way forward the way you want to eat for the rest of your life! It’s the only way to lose weight healthy and keep it off for ever, not to even mention the fact that you get your health back!

It’s NOT a diet!! A diet is something you quickly do to lose weight (generally something that is calorie restricted, low in fats, starving, screaming, mad, and insane). And after all this you just end up going back to your bad eating habits, remember the one who got you fat in the first place?

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