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Bernadine Douglas started her professional career as a make-up artist and worked for the SABC part time and managed a make-up shop in Melville. She relocated to Cape Town with a dream of starting her own business. Turn of events led her into the sales and marketing industry and she has gained both experience and knowledge in the retail and manufacturing sector. In 2011 Bernadine finally took the challenge of starting her own company Douglas Cosmetics where she supplied both beauty and health products into beauty salons and spa’s. This further led her to the franchise concept of slimming clinics that offered clients a Ketogenic Plan and standard Low Carb plan. In 2013 her clinics, previously known as DC’s Diet 4 U, completed a successful weight loss challenge through a local radio station known as Bokradio. The winner of the challenge Ansja lost a total of 17.5kg and 73.5cm in 4 weeks doing the DC’s Diet 4 U Ketogenic plan (stricter version of Banting).

Banting suddenly jumped out late in 2013 with the launch of the Real Meal Revolution book and Bernadine shortly after noticed a need in the market for online support and consultations. This led her and her new clinics (Slender Slim 4 U) to a whole different challenge. Bernadine was the first person on social media who offered Banters help, consultation and support. One of her loyal clients Soria Stander Vermeulen started a group on facebook (Banting for Weight Loss) and this further led to a growth in business for Bernadine and her team. Bernadine will be forever grateful to Soria who is a very close and dear friend to her. Not only has the opportunity of online marketing through a strong and successful group helped her grow her SS4U brand but she was also approached in mid-2015 to write the ultimate Banting book which led both Bernadine and her Ballito clinic, Bridgette Allan to launch ‘The Banting Solution’ through Penguin Books early in 2016.

“Nothing gives me more pleasure to see results when it comes to fat loss, at the end of the day the figures play a major roll and ultimately will determine a person's overall mind set. I have also worked with many ladies that have emotional eating problems and I have this motto: "If your mindset is right, your body will follow", but not everyone can overcome the issue of getting their mindset right, it is a working progress and even if it means I pamper and pie a client, I will do this in order to make sure they deliver the figures at the end of the day and reach the ultimate health goal! Obesity is a lifestyle disease and so is sugar an addiction, one need to approach both issues and work through it step by step. Although Slender Slim 4 U is my fulltime work, it is my ultimate passion and by far one of the big blessings in my live second to my two beautiful children and partner. Nothing in this world can be successfully done if you don’t have faith in God and allow Him to bless you with wisdom and knowledge. Slender Slim 4 U is not a success thanks to me; it is thanks to God who is in the driving seat of the company.”

Experience & Qualifications

She has her qualification as a make-up artist, diplomas in personal nutrition and nutritional therapy, a certificate in child nutrition and sports nutrition. She has also completed her advanced sales course through Relyant.

How much did she lose on Banting/LCHF?

I have lost a total of 10kg on Banting, my body fat percentage has dropped from 27% all the way down to 16% and my muscle percentage has increased with 4%. Besides the weight loss and improved fat and muscle percentages have I improved my overall health significantly. My blood pressure is fantastic with a mostly 120/80, my blood glucose is excellent and so is my cholesterol. I eat about 18 eggs per week and all I can say is who ever said eggs are bad was lying. J They are not bad, they are LEKKER!!

If I could do it, so can you....

With Lots of Love

Bernadine Douglas xxx

Contact Details & Address

Cell: 079-113-2516


Address: No 5 Lyn Street, Morgenster, Brackenfell, Cape Town. Head Office

Facebook Pages/Groups: Banting Slimming Clinics /
Slender Slim 4 U

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