Why choose Slender Slim 4 U?

Slender Slim 4 U is an online Keto and Low Carb Coaching platform.

We offer clients:
* online consultations
* meal plans
* guidance and
* online membership support

If you struggle with Belly fat, low energy levels, hormone problems or even Insulin Resistant, then we are here to help you out. Clients have successfully lost anything from 4kg a week to over 30kg in just 4 months.
Our meal plans are proven over and over again to work 100% should you follow it to the t.
Boost your immune, fight off inflammation, improve your energy levels and lose weight today.

Contact us if you are ready to book an online session with us.

Our consultation includes an hour online call via Skype or WhatsApp, a personalized 7-day meal plan designed around your unique macros of fat, protein and carbs, Stats Report and coaching notes.

No hidden fees and no extra pills, injections or shakes needed to follow our program.

Introduction to Keto/LCHF/Banting

Keto is the hippest and upcoming lifestyle program in SA at the moment. many people follow Keto, but Keto can either be done through a more relaxed method or if you are serious to do Keto the original scientific way, then you are at the right place!
Banting is the term commonly used in South Africa to refer to the LCHF(low carb, healthy fats) lifestyle. LCHF is a lifestyle change and not just a quick diet. This lifestyle is by far one of the best solutions to permanent weight loss mostly because we eliminate sugars, junk foods, refined foods, and processed junk.
LCHF is about following a straight forward clean lifestyle. You can almost refer to it as going back to ‘traditional eating’, ‘real eating’ or ‘original eating’, because we simply embrace real food and home-cooked meals.