Introduction to Banting/LCHF (Low carb healthy fats)

Banting is the term commonly used in South Africa to refer to the LCHF lifestyle. LCHF is a lifestyle change and not just a quick diet. This lifestyle is by far one of the best solutions to permanent weight loss mostly due to the fact that we eliminate sugars, junk foods, refined foods and processed junk.

LCHF is about following a straight forward clean lifestyle. You can almost refer to it as going back to ‘traditional eating’, ‘real eating’ or ‘original eating’, because we simply embrace real food and home cooked meals.

What foods do we eat?

We just love meat (proteins) with fat on, eggs, dairy, fresh vegetables, seeds, nuts and the occasional fruit as a treat. This lifestyle is not about replacing our old bad eating habits like bread or sweet stuff, with Banting/LCHF 'healthy' alternatives, but to rather break the habit and go cold turkey on the bad stuff. Once you are at your healthy goal weight, there is nothing wrong with the occasional treat and this is where healthier alternatives will come in handy.

How do we lose weight on LCHF?

By eliminating sugars etc. and lowering our overall carb intake for the day, we are naturally lowering our insulin levels thus resulting in free fatty acids to be released from our fat cells and be burned for fuel. We also keep a close eye on our dietary fat intake for the day to make sure we don’t overdo on the healthy fats either and we also make sure that we eat enough protein at each meal to make sure we have proper muscle protein synthesis. If you look at our plate of food you will see that we do not exclude any food groups at all. We include enough fats, proteins and carbs (from green list vegetables) to ensure our meal satisfy us. This way we can go longer without food, which is ideal seeing that the longer we fast in-between meals the better! And no you are not going into starvation mode, because you are not starving. :)

Do we need extra diet pills, injections and shakes to help with weight loss?

Absolutely not! To eat clean in order to lose weight is just about that. Nothing more to this. Everything is all about how to eat right, so bottom line whatever you put in your mouth will result in either weight loss or weight gain. The most important thing for us is to make sure we feed our body when it’s hungry and stop feeding it when it’s full.

Low Carb & Healthy Fat = lowered insulin levels = weight loss

High Carb & Low Fat = raised insulin levels = weight gain

High Carb & High Fat = raised insulin levels = weight gain

Who may benefit from this lifestyle?

“A low carb lifestyle is not just for those who need to slim down; it is very effective for correcting a number of health issues”
√ Diabetes
√ Insulin Resistant

√ High Cholesterol
√ Irritable Bowel Syndrome

√ Gout
√ Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

√ Safe Weight Loss
√ High Blood Pressure
√ Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
√ Heartburn or Gastro- Oesophageal reflux disease

√ Leaky Gut
√ Acne

√ Constipation
√ Central Obesity