Start a SS4U Banting Friendly Clinic

Invest in your own professional Slender Slim 4 U slimming and health clinic. Join our amazing group of professional ladies and share in our success!

What is the Slender Slim 4 U Banting Clinic Business Concept?

SS4U Banting Clinics is the first group of clinics in South Africa offering unhappy, overweight and ill health clients the opportunity to lose the weight for good and keep it off forever by simply following a fine tuned Banting/LCHF lifestyle. We are specialists in the field of Banting/LCHF.

How Does the Clinic Operate?

With so many people converted to a High Fat and Low Carb lifestyle it is still no surprise that so many of them still get lost and or confused as to how Banting/ LCHF works. The clinics offer one on one consultation or membership programs and support to clients. We do a weekly weigh-in and stats meeting with clients and we also have the options where our clients can get their blood screens taken to check general Uric Acid, Blood Glucose and Ketones. Our consultations are offered online as well via Skype consultation and membership programs. Head Office further offers clients Nutritional Assessments (antioxidant assessments and nutrient deficiencies assessments) plus personalized meal plans and exercise programs.

When the client do a standard consultation with us, she/he will get a standard 4 weeks meal plan PDF to help them get going as well as the official Green, Orange and Red food lists. Our membership program is more beneficial because we supply the client with all the tools they need to make their Banting/LCHF journey a success. We give each member our brand new Banting Pocket Guide along with a member course book and a intensive 7 day meal plan to ensure weight loss. Each month the member receives a new set of 7 day meal plans. We work out the client's macro ratios to ensure they eat the correct amount of fat, protein and carbs.

Medical Back-up

If we find that the client is medically high risk, we would refer the client to a Pro-Banting doctor first to get a clearance certificate, the client can request this certificate from their own health care professional, should they wish to rather work with their own doctor. Head Office however will first check the client’s medical history and relevant blood reports before we make any decisions which will be discussed with the client in advance. The client’s health and safety is the most important part of our business and in no event will we consult a client without getting a clearance from either the client’s doctor or a pro-banting doctor first. Bridgette Allan is the appointed Diabetes and Insulin advisor for the group and she is also the co-author of The Banting Solution book and The Banting Pocket Guide. If you are interested to have a read through the medical side of the book, please get your hands on the book as she explains all medical aspects related to Banting/LCHF.

Exclusivity Contract

We sign an exclusivity contract with the clinic owner for a period of 36 months standard. This contract allows the clinic to have sole business rights for the set period in the contract area and will be the only Slender Slim 4 U clinic that will be able to offer our consultation packages and the membership programs. The clinic will also have the option to stock our books.

Contract is renewable after 36 months given that the clinic has grown and the clinic is still active. We do however have a renewal license fee for the clinic, which is 25% of the original purchase price and this fee is payable upon signage of the new contract. Please note that we do have a rebate structure in place and each clinic gets a target they need to achieve. Rebate percentages will be discussed upon the first meeting.

To apply for a clinic you will need to pass certain screens and tests first. Please request the application form from H/O and complete and send back with as much detail as possible and make sure to attach all necessary documents with your application. Clinic purchase fees will be discussed with the applicant once the application has been approved by Head Office. Should you not receive any feedback within 2 weeks of application it means your application for the clinic was not successful. For further information please contact the owner and founder of the group Bernadine Douglas on